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generative art

The images all come from code written in the Processing programming language. Each program, crafted for each image, generates images procedurally without any human influence. Output is curated and composited in Photoshop, minimally changed from the code's generation.

one of a kind

Each print is made to order, with optional specifications including color and size. Because the images are generated by code that incorporates randomness into its procedures, each final product is completely unique.

fine prints

All large prints are on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag, a heavy-weight, 100% cotton matte finish surface. The acid-free quality ensures longevity of each print. The inkjet printing process reproduces rich, stunning colors.

Postcard prints are on Hahnemhule German Etching paper, a cellulose, textured surface.

For an additional $1.00 I provide you with a link to a full-size, uncompressed digital copy for personal use, such as a desktop background.


Because each image made to order, you can specify certain elements, including size, colors, and complexity.


Color palettes are chosen using the Adobe Color CC system. Scroll through the site and find a color palette you like, or simply choose from one of the jc.code presets:


Standard sizes are available for most prints: 

Some prints are 


Many images have beauty both in simple and complex versions. Choose a pattern you like.

anything else

If you see something that catches your imagination but want it tweaked a little bit, feel free to contact me.

entropy series

The universe always trends towards disorder.

This series includes collections of images that slowly dissolve. Tightly packed systems drift apart, their components in increasing disarray. Stills from animations are placed side by side, showing increasingly disordered systems.

A group of bubbles, randomly formed around a single point, drifts upwards like a carbonated liquid. Five states of the system are displayed. Available in 11x17.

optional variables:

background color
bubble color: up to 4
number of bubbles:


A single point branches into different paths. Each of the iterations has varying freedom in regards to the direction in which the paths can move and split. Fronds become neurons become tangles and the genesis point disappears. Available in 8.5x11 or 11x17.

optional variables:
background color (slight gradient)

tentacle colors: up to 3
number of iterations: up to 6 (8.5x11) or 9 (11x17). Specify the number of iterations in order.

exploding voronoi

A circle fractures into tectonic plates that drift apart, driven by a force at their center. Their entire path is shown in one square 8 inch image, or a series of five 8 inch panels.

optional variables:
two background colors (gradient from center to outside)
number of fractures: 500, 2000, or 5000)
spread: none, third, half, full

noisy shapes

Tiny shapes are distributed around a central point. Through each iteration, the distance of each shape from the center and from one other increases.

optional variables:
background color
shape fill colors (up to 4)
shape set (choose from charms, polyhedra, mandalas, or bubble boxes)