jason charney


These Roots Grown Deep - collaboration

Very lucky to collaborate with Nick Zoulek on this project, a music video for his solo bass saxophone piece, "These Roots Grown Deep." I modified artist Erwin Redl's large LED installation "Benchmark" to become a sound-reactive, "performable" wall of colored light.

We performed the piece together (I was "playing" along on a MIDI keyboard mapped to control the installation) and Michiko Saiki put together this beautiful documentation video. The audio is all one take with no overdubs (though several microphones were used and creatively mixed together for the final result).

Nick has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund his forthcoming album "Rushing Past Willow," on which "These Roots Grown Deep" will appear along with 11 other tracks and other artistic collaborations. Check it out.

Jason Charney