jason charney

Mutek EPK

Light Web - press kit for MUTEK 2019

Light Web
is an interactive installation which illustrates the structure of the digital networks permeating our lives. Visitors can connect to Light Web with their mobile devices and tap their screens to trigger music and animation — both in their device’s web browser and on a colorful light and sound sculpture in the space. The piece’s title is a play on “dark web,” referring to a network which obscures users’ identity and locations, allowing illicit and anonymous transactions. In Light Web, each user’s effect on the network is exposed as each device contributes a musical element to the larger texture, changing as visitors join and leave the network. A viewer’s personal device becoming a part of the piece may reinforce the significance of the network in their daily life, as well as the influence that single nodes can exert on a network as a whole.

Jason Charney is a multimedia artist and composer based in Baltimore. His work investigates technology and how our minds and bodies are shaped by its presence and mistranslations.